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Farmer’s Friend Extracts is locally funded and 100% independently run in Portland, Oregon.

About Farmer’s Friend Extracts

Farmer’s Friend Extracts was founded in Portland, OR in 2015. From humble beginnings in Portland basements, FFE was established with the ambition to provide the Oregon medical cannabis community access to premium quality Refined Cannabis Oil (RCO) in a variety of products and forms, and at an affordable price.

In late December 2016, FFE was awarded the first medical processor license in Oregon. Throughout 2017, while traversing the challenging evolution of Oregon’s medical cannabis program, the OLCC made strides implementing the current recreational adult use system. FFE remained in the medical program strategically devoting its efforts to the needs of Oregon patients and the continuous improvement of medical grade RCO in an industry-leading facility. To this end FFE partnered with The CBD Apothecary and THC Apothecary brands to provide a premier line of products including capsules, elixirs, lotion, tinctures, and vape cartridges.

The acceptance of an OLCC recreational license in 2018 begins a new chapter for FFE. Our continued commitment to provide the highest quality RCO products is stronger than ever as is our commitment to make them as affordable as possible.

Seeking strategic partnerships with farms, wholesalers and dispensaries, we can do it all. Our compliance-leading facility is the only recreational processing facility with all available endorsements in the City of Portland. Meaning we can make extracts or concentrates, capsules or tinctures, edibles or topicals. Got hemp? No problem. We can process that too.

The Farmer’s Friend Extracts Process

Here at Farmer’s Friend Extracts we utilize the selective properties of co2 extraction to capture the cannabis plant’s natural terpenes and cannabinoid profile so that when you try our products they taste and feel like the strains they were extracted from. We never use terpenes from outside sources and never add any thinning agents. We have spent years in the cannabis industry and have developed unique processing techniques and equipment so that we can give people the highest quality batch specific co2 extracted cannabis oil possible.

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“Our compliance-leading facility is the only recreational processing facility with all available endorsements in the City of Portland.”

Our Products

We make extracts, concentrates, capsules, tinctures, edibles and topicals.

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Interested in knowing more about our small, Portland-based facility? Please send any questions you have and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Employment Opportunities

Farmer’s Friend Extracts currently has a number of job openings at our Portland, OR extraction facility. Jobs are half-time to start but have an opportunity to evolve into full-time work after after a 30 day probationary period. We are looking for highly motivated individuals who have a passion for cannabis and a great work ethic.

Currently we have the following positions open:

Extraction Technician I – Job Description

Formulation Technician I – Job Description

Order Fulfillment Technician I – Job Description

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